Friday, November 14, 2014

Jeepers: Mascot for a Day

Jeepers was the winner of our Mascot for a Day contest during Dogapalooza. The contest was inspired by some of our historical local canine mascots, like Colonel, the Elmira Telegram mascot, or military dog mascots.  Jeepers was selected by popular vote and her prize is to be the mascot for the Chemung County Humane Society and SPCA and the Chemung County Historical Society for one day, November 14, 2014.  As the mascot, she gets her very own blog post.  Enjoy her story and pictures below:

My Name is Jeepers.  I was born into a litter of 6 Shih Tzus on August 15, 2007.  When I was eight weeks old I went to live with my new friends Roger, Bob, and Rod.  I was very small.  I remember the guys being real careful not to step on me.  I liked my new home.

One day I was outside playing on the terrace.  I found a small hole that I could go through, so I went exploring.  I ended up chasing cars on Water Street.  It was fun and scary.  A car stopped and a lady grabbed me and took me away.  She took me to a vet far away on Lake Road.  I missed my guys and wasn’t happy.  The guys hunted for me all day and night.  They were out looking for me all the next day.  Finally they found me.  They were kissing me and crying at the same time.  We were back together!

January of 2008 I got really sick and had to go to Cornell.  I had a small piece of bone caught in my throat and more bones in my stomach. I had the sliver removed from my throat, and then had an operation to clean out my stomach.  I stayed at Cornell for a week.  When I got home the guys started making me my own special food.  I still eat it today; roast chicken, rice, peas, and carrots.

Today my life is really nice.  I take an hour long walk every morning down by the river.  If it is warm, I like to sit in the river and cool off.  I have seen eagles while on my walk.  During the day I like to sleep on my chair with my favorite stuffed animal.  Most days I bark to tell the guys I am ready for my daily ride in the car.  Sometimes I walk in Eldridge Park, and other times I walk at the park in Big Flats.  In the evening I watch tv with Roger and Bob for a while and then fall asleep in a chair.  I am carried upstairs and sleep on my feather pillow at the top of the bed.

I really like the guys' kisses, and they love playing with me.  We have a great life together!


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