Monday, November 1, 2021

Thank You Erin!

 by Bruce Whitmarsh, Director

In the previous blog, Erin Doane slipped in at the very end that she would be leaving the CCHS after more than 10 years as our Curator. I was only a few months into my tenure as Director when I had the good fortune to hire Erin for what was then a part time position. Through the years Erin has overseen the complete reinterpretation of the Bank Gallery; was an integral part of the team that saw the museum re-accredited this past spring; and worked on any project that needed help.

Day-to-day, Erin oversaw the three dimensional collection of approximately 25,000 items ranging in scale from buttons to fire trucks. She kept an eye on the inventory of what we had, processed the new items we receive on a regular basis, and found time to put together 6 to 10 exhibits every year for both here in the museum and around the county.

Erin also worked closely with the rest of the staff on programming, helping to plan, research, and write the scripts for Ghost Walk, as well as working the event; wrote her regular blog posts; and helped out wherever she was needed. I am sure that I am missing about a thousand other things she did to help make CCHS better.

So, Thank You Erin. It has been an honor and privilege to have you as a colleague and a friend and you will be missed at CCHS.

I wish you the best as you move on to a new chapter in your life.

Bruce Whitmarsh


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