Monday, January 5, 2015

When We Were Young

by Erin Doane, curator

Last fall, CCHS was awarded a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to plan a new exhibit about the history of Chemung County as seen through the lens of youth.  We’ve hired museum consultant Linda Norris to guide us through the planning process.  One major part of this project is going to be collecting stories from people who grew up here in Chemung County.  In late winter/early spring we will be conducting Memory Clinics at different locations around the county where people can come to these clinics and share their stories.  Stay tuned for more information on locations and dates for the clinics.
Southside High School class, 1952
For the past few years we have had theme months on our Facebook page.  This year, we will be doing the same thing but with a twist that will help us collect more stories of youth.  This year our themes are related to emotions.  January’s theme is embarrassment – something I’m sure everyone can relate to!  On Throwback Thursdays, the theme will specifically relate to being a teenager.  If the object or image we show makes you think of a story from your youth, please share it with us!  We need as many stories from as many people as possible to make this project a success.
Swimming at Brand Park

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