Monday, June 8, 2015

Make a Teen Movie!

by Linda Norris, museum consultant

Are you a teenager (or know one) who’s interested in video production and/or history?  This summer, CCHS is offering a great weekend opportunity to learn about video production while helping create our new exhibit on 20th century teenagers in Chemung County.

On the weekend of July 18-19, workshop participants will get the chance to produce video interviews about teenage experiences.  You’ll learn what makes a great question, how to set up, shoot and edit a video interview, and ways to share that content online and in exhibits.

I’ll be co-presenting the workshop with Drew Harty.  I grew up in Elmira and graduated from EFA, so I have my own collection of teenage Chemung County stories, just as your parents or grandparents might.   Drew is a videographer who’s worked for all different kinds of organizations and as a filmmaker in residence at the arts magnet high school in Cleveland, making films with students, some of which you can see here on his website.

Together we’ll be working together to create great questions—but here’s a couple to get you started thinking:
  • Where was your favorite place to hang out?
  • What piece of clothing made you feel cool?
  • What music, when you hear it on the radio, instantly brings back school? 
  • Who were your heroes?
Space is limited for the free workshop, so register now by contacting education coordinator Kelli Huggins at (607)734-4167 x205 or

And yes, that’s me somewhere in a class photo from EFA at the top of the post!

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  1. Seems like a great project, I hope you get lots of participants.